Our instructional and competitive programs offer an experience that is both fun and educational. We place an emphasis on having fun, learning the game and how to work in a team environment. The program is offered to boys and girls.  

Registration Info

            LEAGUE                                            BIRTHDATE/AGES (CO-ED)                      FEE

          • T-ball                                                  5/1/12 - 9/1/14 (5-6)                                  $70

          • Minors (Coach Pitch)               5/1/10 - 4/30/12 (7-8)                               $70

          • A (Biddy)                                         5/1/08 - 4/30/10 (9-10)                             $80

          • AA (Midget)                                   5/1/06 - 4/30/08 (11-12)                         $90

          • Majors                                              5/1/00 - 4/30/14 (15-18)                         $95

          (all ages are before May 1, 2019)

Maximum fee of $250 per family. There will be no additional fundraising fees. Sign-ups after February 15 will have an additional late fee of $25 per child.

Additional Info

 For additional information, or  if you are interested in becoming a head coach or assistant coach,  contact Manny Rodrigues at  





Kickball Info

 The AACC is currently in need of a kickball coordinator for the 2019 season. If you are interested, please contact the community center at (610) 966-2954 

Sports Programs' Objectives

 As part of our commitment to provide our sports programs for the community, the following objectives should be the foundation for running each of our teams.

***Give equal playing time. Do not rotate just the younger kids off the field. The older and even the most talented kids should spend some time on the bench.

***Let the kids play multiple positions. Even at the older levels the kids are playing more than one position. This will give them a greater experience. They may even excel at a position that you have never tried them at before.

***Don't always put the best kids in the infield. Put the players in situations that will challenge them. Be cautious of putting them in harms way but the kids will step up and meet the challenge if we only give them the chance.

***We are not out on the field to win. We want to teach them all the aspects of the game so that they can enjoy playing. If we start to discourage kids from playing because we denied them an opportunity, we are doing a disservice to them and the community.